Fucked Up In Paradise
Agnes Whalan

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2021, english, paperback 
104 pages — 108 x 178 mm
first edition, edition of 160 (numbered)

Fucked Up In Paradise is a book about love and sex and power. Which is to say it is about chess. Or perhaps it is to say it is about life. With vibrant imagery and poignant humour, the book explores the small daily transactions of a life lived abundantly, and the fluctuating desires wrapped within these exchanges of power; the tricks, the tests, the trials, the permissions one gives another. These are poems about trust and deceit. The book explores with a generous soul the space between people and the space within people that exists as in-between. It is a search for understanding that lands suspended between truths, as all big questions tend to when treated with respect and care. The book is a queer celebration. Agnes Whalan writes sharp and rhythmically. Their poetry is bountiful, inquisitive, and invigorating.

Agnes Whalan writes songs and poems.
They live in Narrm.

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