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~ Broken Machines
Bridget Erin Flack

2022, english — softcover — 316 pages
145 x 205 mm
First edition, edition of 300 
no more poetry presents: Broken Machines – the posthumous collection of poems, essays and illustrations by Bridget Erin Flack.

In compiling this publication, we are reminded of the extraordinary breadth of Bridget’s poems, essays and illustrations & her irrevocable contribution to the underground punk and rave scenes. This publication is merely a snapshot of Bridget’s legacy, stressing the breadth and complexity of Bridget’s work and life. This is what makes Broken Machines. Poems, essays & illustrations so resounding: Bridget’s practice (her writing, her drawing) it is not only her work—but more simply her.

“Over the years Bridget made me promise (repeatedly, to the point of annoyance) that if anything ever happened to her I’d make sure her writing got out. Some of the pieces in this book are finished works, most are not.

Like the impressions of Bridget left in many people’s minds they are oblique glimpses of what was really there and could have been. Her wit, intelligence, and shrewd sensitivity is clear despite this, and I hope that in reading carefully you can hear her.

Endless thanks to no more poetry and Bridget Chappell for making this happen. Thank you to Angela Pucci Love for everything. Thank you to Meals Rose for your beautiful contributions.
Love you forever little bear.”


All sales from this publication are donated to Transcend. You can find out more about the organisation here. Transcend was chosen by Bridget’s family for their work with Trans, Gender Diverse & Non-Binary families and children.

Sold Out.