no no no
celestial journal

on no no no:
a monthly newsletter by no more poetry,
consisting of one double side a4 page,
featuring a book review by Tim Coster, film review by Brenna O,
perhaps a poem from an existing or forthcoming publication,
an artwork, scribble or sketch from the editors,
and poetry, music and art event listings
for the forthcoming month.

anyone can submit an event listing to be featured in the forthcoming issue via this form.
so long as this listing is supplied before the cut-off date listed here.
no more poetry will include as many event listings as space allows. listing is free.

no more poetry’s newsletter cannot be purchased via our website,
all titles come including a newsletter card and return addressed envelope,
readers complete the newsletter card and return it in the mail,
no more poetry will send you the next issue of the newsletter (when complete)
which will include another card,
each issue is $6.00

no no no is shipped using postage stamps,
and cannot be tracked.

previous issues of no no no may be ordered below,
while stocks remain.