NO NO NO MAG issue two.

2022 — folio bound (exposed spine, chicago screws) — 150 pages — 145 x 205 mm
First edition, edition of 200  

no more poetry presents: NO NO NO MAG issue two, collated works by submitting contributors: Ella Jones, Iona Mackenzie, Cee Powell, Mitchel Cumming, Bridget Chappell, Daniel Holmes, Stephanie Ochona, Ishkooda, Anna Schwann, Erica Weatherlake, Alexandra McAuliffe, Kata Szász, Caitlin Aloisio Shearer, Samuel Acres, Olive Zmijewski, Khyaal Vocal Ensemble, Jo Bragg, Creepy Le Beef, Calia O’Rourke, Jessica Rose Pearson, Emily Ličen, Klari Agar, Natalie Mariko, Martina Copley, Rachelle Rahmé, Tom Goodman, Jackie De Lacy, Sean Miles, Stacey Collee, Loqui Paatsch, N.J.A, Madeline Lo-Booth, Cormac Kirby, Christy Tan, Harry Reid, Helen Grogan, Amber Wright, Merlyn Gwyther-McCuskey, Catherine McIntyre, s de serière, David Egan, Viva Hall, Kiki Amberber, Gareth Morgan & D. Perez-McVie, Jordana Infeld, Billy morgan, Kat Martian, Amby Taylor & Kirby Casilli.

“…constant, waiting, felt, unknown
and this is how one edits life, how one decides what they like or must move towards if only for a moment
and so a magazine of poems arrives to you and it is called a life
with a somewhere spirit that i can neither locate nor diagnose
but that passed us by
that we now grab
and then we let pass again”