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open submissions

01.06.22 – 31.07.22
11:59 pm AEST

no more poetry is welcoming manuscript submissions from poets and artists who share our love for printed matter.

  1. click here to pay submission fee;  

    or email hello@nomorepoetry.art, submissions will not be rejected for lack of funds.
    Aditionally, due to the generosity of an anonymous patron we are able to offer twenty copensated submissions. This patron has requested that these funds are used to support First Nations / Indigenous artists, however, this extends to anyone who deems their voice or community inadequately represented or supported wherever they reside in the world, physically, digitally, politically or culturally.
  2. click here to submit.


we are interested in poetry and visual art of all forms, and extend the offer, to all writing styles and visual art practices. if you can imagine it printed, we want to see it. no more poetry is seeking diverse collections from individuals and collectives, and encourages collaboration.

selected works will be published in 2023.

ahead of submitting, we encourage you to read some of our previous publications to become familiar with the kind of works we generally publish, however, like excellent writing, the rules are intended to be broken.

we want to see work that pushes its own boundaries (& ours).

we accept submissions from writers and artists from all parts of the world, at any stage of their writing career. since its inception, we have prioritised authors who are seeking to publish their debut anthology, but this is by no means a prerequisite.

due to the consideration that goes into reading manuscripts we charge a reading fee of $20.00 to reimburse our editing team (payable above, in advance). however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. if money is a bit tight right now, email us at hello@nomorepoetry.art

given the immense interest we receive (lucky), we are unable to give detailed feedback for all unsuccessful submissions. however, following the outcome of your submission we do offer a service, at an additional fee, to provide a minimum of 2 pages of workable and actionable feedback that may assist your manuscript's progress.

we accept both full manuscripts and samples. if your manuscript still requires a little buffing, a page of written guidance is strongly suggested. rationales (for incomplete texts) should take the form of a one (1) page pfd. if you are providing a complete manuscript, rationales are not necessary.
keep in mind that, if selected, your manuscript may need to be ready for print as early as march 2023.

this is a blind submission process. please do not include your name on your manuscript, photo files or rationale, detailed instructions for how to label your files can be found under specific questions. failing to answer questions accurately may result in exclusion. if you make a mistake, you can edit your answers at any time during the submission window.

we are here to help with general queries, you can reach us at hello@nomorepoetry.art with questions relating to the mechanics of the submission process. feedback regarding the content of your submission will not be discussed. please contact us via email if you have questions relating to accessibility, a member of our team will be in touch to help facilitate your submission.

unpublished works are preferred. if part of your work has been published in a journal or group publication in the past, please identify the following:

  1. the publications name,
  2. the publishers name;
  3. and year of publication.

make a note of these attributions under the title of pre-published works in your submission pdf.

you should expect an outcome by the end of 2022. excellent sample manuscripts and other exceptional submissions may be contacted prior.

finally, you or your collective, must own the copyright to your original works, please make any relevant attributions known.

submitting work is quite daunting & we are grateful for your time and energy. We look forward to submerging ourselves, entirely.

before confirming your submission read the gerneral non-exclusive copyright agreement. 

— nmp <3