om (Texts: 2014 - 2021)
Spencer Lai

on nmp.05

2021, english — paperback 
120 pages — 145 x 204 mm
first edition, edition of 225 (numbered)

om speaks to the simple divinity and extreme peculiarity of the highly performative conditions of one’s own daily life; the small insignias and patches, pins and adornments, placements, characteristics, hymns and performances. Lai ponders on the saturation of symbols and signs, communicating both a steady nostalgia for the material and a vibrant framework for which to diagnose the bizarity of the present. the book speaks to the universality of spiritual hunger and the amusing particulars of the physical world which we must construct this meaning/purpose/destiny within. we are asked to observe the statues and gods within which our understandings, interests and obsessions ruminate. where fears are trusted to be stored. the book celebrates the fine details of a global installation.

Spencer Lai is an artist.
They live and work in Melbourne.

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